About us

We give support to People and Organizations so that they are more effective in achieving their objectives.

The human factor is fundamental

Meet our team

Jesús Martínez Bustos


For Jesus, promoting awareness and assumption of responsibility is the best investment that can be made with a person.

Ares Ribó


Ares loves real challenges and working with people. He is motivated by life and works every day to transform companies by putting all his love into it.

Joan Carles

Joan Carles

Joan Carles is passionate about giving support to people and teams in the processes of Change and Development, from humility, empathy and full trust in the potential of people.

Iván García


Iván is passonate about his work and people. A born communicator, lover of organizations willing to incorporate a change in mindset, as a key to success.

Soraya Martínez Muñoz


Soraya is always looking to go one step further, so she doesn’t stop until she gets the full potential of people and their teams.

Lorena Marengo


For Lorena, the way to connect with people has more meaning when it is from humility and empathy. She enjoys what she does because she responds to her life purpose: supporting and giving with love.



She is always learning and motivating others to develop their full inner potential.

Miguel Ángel Marfil

Miguel Ángel

Miguel Ángel is a Humanist Engineer passionate about development. In recent years, as a technology entrepreneur, he defines himself as a tireless discoverer of new horizons and challenges.

Romà Patricio


Romà’s pedagogical vocation combines, on the one hand, theatrical expressiveness as a trainer with, on the other hand, academic rigor in how he works.



Toni is a synonym for energy, passion and positivity. His X factor is making the complex simple, balancing closeness to teams and participants, with high doses of goal orientation.

Rosa Cabezas


Rosa is passionate about People and team development. Her energy and her connection with the purpose of helping People to improve and develop are reflected in an unparalleled level of dynamism in her sessions.

James Haigh


James es un enamorado del desarrollo de las competencias personales y profesionales, especialmente relacionadas con el ámbito de la comunicación. Tiene una sólida experiencia en el ámbito internacional de los Negocios, y en el ámbito académico, a través de una estrecha colaboración en varios programas de prestigiosas escuelas de negocios.

Miguel Gayoso


Para Miguel, es un lujo ayudar,  siempre con la máxima honestidad, a las personas y a las organizaciones en su búsqueda de mejora continua. Le acompaña en todos sus retos su espíritu deportivo, su otra pasión, afrontando cada proyecto como un partido donde a veces se gana y otras se aprende.

Joana Fernández


Su gran pasión es la formación y el coaching. Convencida del enorme potencial que tienen las personas, orienta las jornadas empoderando a los equipos para que así logren sus objetivos.

We count on more than 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

focus inside is a network of professionals specialized in the Transformation of organizations and Development of people.

focus inside professionals are consultants, coaches and trainers with solid experience in People and Organization Development projects.

At focus inside we understand that the human factor is fundamental when it comes to successfully tackling market challenges. Within this challenge, we believe that the attitude factor is the crucial aspect.