Campus focus inside

What you will find in the Campus focus inside

A skills development community

Campus focus inside allows you to free access to a multitude of training resources (videos, blogs, podcasts, TED Talks, infographics, tools…) and the possibility of interacting with other people with whom you share development goals and challenges.

What we offer you

Continuous development in a flexible, personalized, dynamic way and collaborating with other people

3.5h Zoom training sessions. Development of communication, emotional and relational skills in groups of 12 people max.
Asynchronous training programs of 1h. approx. Train in a flexible way, completing the program in several moments or in one go, when and where it works best for you.

1h individual mentoring sessions. Personalized accompaniment from a Campus mentor who helps you with your personal challenges in your personal or professional environment.

Collaborative learning sessions of 2h. Participants share specific challenges and good practices to face them, under the facilitation of a Campus consultant.

Community focus inside

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Get to know the opinion of the participants in the training programs of the Campus focus inside

Opinions of our students

"It is a training pill that goes straight to the point of the subject and, with little time, explains the basis in a very clear way. I highlight the practical cases that allow the concepts to "live" the possibility of printing your reflections as outputs of the course, and the cards with the synthesis of some topics discussed in the videos."
E-learning program "Effective Meeting Leadership"
"I love your training and I recommend it with all the confidence in the world to all those who want to learn and advance in their projects, with success and professionalism."
E-learning program "Effective Meeting Leadership"
"The program is very useful thanks to sharing easy and specific methodologies, techniques and structures. I would highlight the fine balance between the explanatory videos, the videos showing concrete situations and the reflections and suggested questions."
E-learning program "Effective Meeting Leadership"
“We invite you to register in our community and access thousands of contents for free.”