Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations and NGOs with which we collaborate

Our social commitment

Within a vocation of social contribution, focus inside dedicates 2% of the margin of each project to a social institution, to choose between 4 serious and recognized institutions, or any other by express decision of the client.

We believe in a more human world

Vida Significativa

NGO founded by people who want to have a more meaningful life, making the world a better place.

Let's build a future without poverty

Oxfam Intermón

NGO that works to change the world and make it a more just, caring and peaceful place. It is present in 46 countries of the world, developing, fair trade, emergencies and campaigns.
Oxfam Intermón

Development cooperation

Manos unidas

NGO for Development, Catholic, of volunteers that since 1960 has fought against poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease, lack of education, underdevelopment and against their causes.

NGO for children

Save the Children

Leading NGO in the defense of children’s rights, present in more than 120 countries. It focuses on emergencies and humanitarian aid, development cooperation and care for children at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

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