Privacy Policy

FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. (hereinafter the owner of the website), in accordance with the recommendations established by the Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency for Data Protection), and other regional bodies such as the Agència Catalana de Protecció de Dades (Catalan Agency for Data Protection) in relation to give you the right of information as a user (data owner), has developed a new privacy policy.

1. Information for users

Responsible for the Data Processing:
CIF: B65630543
Address: c/ Molassa, 14 – 08329 Teià (Barcelona)

Purpose of data processing

In this section, we present a description of the purposes for processing the data that can be occurred / collected in this website, associated with the files processed by FOCUS INSIDE, S.L.

File: Web users (registered contacts)
Purpose: Navigation (Cookies). Contact FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. to request information
Observations: Associated with an e-mail

[We ask you, in your capacity as user / owner of data, that before accepting the privacy policy (click on the acceptance box) or consent to data processing, make an approach to the basic information in both general and specific ways to this table where the purpose of using the data you provide us and the file or files where they can be integrated (data) is determined.]

Data storage periods or criteria

In this section, it is put within reach the information related to the purpose of data processing that can be occurred through this website. It is established that FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., can process more files, but only those that have an impact with the data processed on the website are explained here.

Files: Web users (contacts).
Term of conservation: The contact data will be kept indefinitely while there is no application for opposition or cancellation by the data owner.

[The maintenance of the term of the data is established based on an own discretion of FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., associated with the purpose of using the mentioned data, discretions established by a legal basis that obliges its maintenance to FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. (another law that requires its maintenance) and other associated statistical or historical reports that may be of interest to the FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., at a strategic or managerial level].

Recipients (of assignments or transfers)

Files: Web users
Assignees with general character: Competent public bodies for the request derived from the fact that according to the regulatory framework, the consent of the data is not necessary.

International Data Transfers

Currently, FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., in its capacity as file / data manager, does not transfer data to third parties (other companies) located in a different state of the European Union.

Rights of data holders (of interested people)

In order to reach one of the fundamental aspects of the current and future regulatory framework, such as the rights attributed to natural people (data holders), we send you an email so that you can request us, if so esteem, a form for the exercise of the rights that are referenced below:

a. Access

[Note: The right of access is the one that has a data owner, as it may be the case, which consists in being able to know the information that the company has about you.]

b. Rectification

[Note: The right of rectification is the one that has a data owner, as it may be the case, which consists in rectifying that information / data that the company has of a data holder, for example you, and it is not updated or adequate to the reality of the data owner or is wrong.]

c. Cancellation

[Note: The right of cancellation is the right to request that the data will be deleted when it is no longer needed or if the processing is illegal]

d. Opposition to your processing

[Note: The right of opposition is the one that has a data owner, as it may be the case, which consists in opposing the use of that information / data that the company has of you, and you do not want the company to continue using it (information / data) for specific purposes, for example, not receiving commercial information.]

e. Suppression

[Note: The right of suppression is the one that has a data owner, as it may be the case, which consists in suppressing that information / data that the company has about you, and that you do not want the company to continue making use of it (information / data), protected in legal assumptions.]

f. Portability of your data

[Note: The right to receive personal data in a machine-readable format and send them to another data manager.]

g. Request the Restriction of processing

[Note: Request restriction of the processing of your personal data in certain cases]

Source of data (origin)

In general, the data, through this website, are obtained:

  • From the interested party

[* Note: The data provided by an owner (web user), you, in any of the forms or data collection procedures established for this purpose on the website, will be your own, and should not be done, generally in registration processes data of third parties, unless it has capacity of representation or express authorization].

Data collection forms

In general, on the website we can find the following forms for data collection:

Type: Contact form (registered user)
Purpose: Contact FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. to request information
Assignees: The transfer of data to third parties is not foreseen
Observations: Only contact information will be requested (email, name)

Social media

FOCUS INSIDE, SL, may use different social media (sites, pages or profiles) to advertise their activities, in any case, if you choose to collect user contact data to perform direct commercial prospecting actions, it will always be in compliance with the legal requirements of the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPDGDD 3/2018) and the Law of Information Societies – Electronic Commerce (LSSICE34/2002)

So, we want to inform you that FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. not being the owner of the platforms where the social media (sites, pages or profiles) is integrated, in which, in general, FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. and the USER, are subject to the conditions of use (legal notices) established by them (social media). Therefore, in order to give scope to your right to information, we detail the link to the privacy policy of the different social media of FOCUS INSIDE, S.L.:


Even so, in what is not applicable, do not collect or allow the expansion of the conditions of use of the social media, and may be supplementary to them (conditions of use), FOCUS INSIDE, SL, has developed specific rules about it (in the use of social media) for users. FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., has created several pages, sites and profiles in social media to attend, inform and bring knowledge of their activity.

For these sites, pages and / or profiles to be useful, it is necessary for the user to assume some basic rules. Therefore, we recommend that you read carefully the following rules that have been prepared in this regard:

  1. Remember that these sites, pages or profiles have public forums. Therefore, the fact of posting any data, comment or information, constitutes that the user assumes, that can be visualized / accessible by the rest of the users in the social media and by the own COMPANY, S.L. (as the owner and administrator of the site, page and / or profile)
  2. The user is asked to try to add value to the posts. Remember that the user is responsible for these posts. In case of doubts, we advise not to post.
  3. These sites, pages and / or profiles (associated with social media) constitute forums for the exchange of opinions or contributions by users, but it is not the appropriate framework to create controversy or disqualify third parties.
  4. The user is requested to treat with respect the set of users in the site, page and / or profile.
  5. The user is requested to use appropriate and correct language.
  6. The user is requested not to post advertising material or make use of these channels to establish lucrative or commercial actions.
  7. These channels or media are not the best places for the promotion of a user or job search.
  8. The data that is published by the users must be true.
  9. The user, in the case of sharing data or own information (texts, photographs, graphics, videos or audios) is informed that grants to FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. the authorization to reproduce said data or information in any physical or virtual mean or channel.
  10. The symbols or logos that are used in these sites, pages or profiles are trademarks owned by FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. (or has authorization in this regard).The posted contents are also owned by FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., therefore, FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., reserves all the intellectual and industrial property rights associated with them. You, as a user, commit to respect them and not use them without proper authorization.
  11. The download of the contents is restricted to personal and private use.
  12. FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. , wishes to preserve the good use of these media and, therefore, FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., as administrator of the site, page, profile and / or resource of the social media, reserves the right to delete any publication or comment that:
    a. Consider it illegal, slanderous, disrespectful, threatening, unfounded, inappropriate, ethically or socially reprehensible or that, in any way, may cause material or moral damages to FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., its employees, collaborators or third parties.
    b. Incorporate data from third parties without authorization.
    c. Be reiterative.
    d. Contain any type of recommendation for the benefit of the user or third parties, whether individuals or legal entities.
    e. It is not related to the purpose of the site, page or profile of the social media.
  13. FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., is not responsible for the opinions expressed in these sites, pages or profiles and no guarantee is provided about the veracity, accuracy or updating of the information contained therein.
  14. In no case, FOCUS INSIDE, S.L. , employees and authorized personnel will be responsible for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of any kind, whether they come from the use of the social media or not, the information acquired or accessed by or through it, from computer viruses, from operational failures or from interruptions in the service or transmission or failures in the line; The use of this social media, either by direct connection or by link or other ways, produces a warning to any user that these possibilities may occur.

FOCUS INSIDE, S.L., reserves the right to modify, suspend, cancel or restrict the content of this profile, links or information obtained through it, without prior notice. In case you have questions related to navigation, content and access, please contact

Last changes: 15-09-2021.