Tour de France & Professional Motivation

There are many reasons why people choose a place to work in. Many such as commodity, retribution, purpose, responsibility, development, etc… Mine is clearly a different one: I want to work with the best. That’s what drives me and the story begins as follows…

Some years ago, I was impressed by a great man in a two-day Management Workshop. I surely felt interested by the topics covered in the sessions but I mainly felt that I would like to work like he did. The intention was clear and I spent a period of 4-5 years keeping in touch, showing my genuine interest for his profession until, eventually, the opportunity came. I was finally able to join the focus inside team. Being after a great place to work for a long period of time is not easy, and not many can go under such process, but, as many things in life, at the end beliefs help you make things come true.

For me, one of the key reasons why I work in focus is because I saw that their little team consisted of extraordinary athletes within the HR development field. Belonging to a team of champions means everything to me. In this sense, feeling part of a winning team, composed by the best professionals in the sector, makes me feel super fortunate. Working hand to hand with them, witnessing their great expertise and learning from them makes me realise I do not really care about working too many hours, late at night or during weekends. You don’t care because their motivation matches with your motivation and that becomes contagious.

At this point of my career, I am an HR Consultant and Trainer because I found the best professionals in this sector to work with. However, it is also true that I could perfectly work in a Restaurant, in a Financial company or in a Pet-care shop if they were also run by a great crew. Therefore, for me, it is not
what I do, but it is who I do it with. I know it seems exaggerate but my professional target is working with the best, no matter if it means baking cakes, teaching in a school or polishing marble floors.

Just to put an example, I think it is like competing in the Tour de France or Giro d’Italia, probably two of the main world wide known cycling races. I would rather be a Domestique of the wining team (group of cyclists focused on helping their team leader), rather than being the Leader of a team which has less chances of wining the championship.

I repeat, the motto is not what I work on, but instead it is who I work with.

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