What do we do

For individuals and organizations

Transformation programs

focus inside develops its transformation programs within the organization in 3 differentiated lines:

Executive Coaching processes

Executive coaching and team coaching

Organizations want to give support to their Executives and Managers in the development of Executive Competencies through individual coaching, so that they exercise an even more effective directive work. focus inside works on the 2 following lines:
  • Processes of 6-8 coaching sessions with each professional.
  • Metodología 5E, tanto a nivel individual como a nivel de Coaching de Equipo.

Co-creation and implementation of the Leadership Model

Transformation consulting

Within the framework of the project for the Implementation of the Leadership model, we first co-created the Leadership model with the Organization’s Steering Committee. Next, the Model with its main ingredients is captured and we end with a 360º measurement to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program.

Culture and Transformative Leadership implementation training

Skills development

Companies seek to transform their organizational cultures and develop the Transformative Leadership practices and skills of all their managers (Executives and middle managers), so that they have more resources and tools to deal when managing their human teams, becoming guarantors, Drivers and active elements of transformation and integration of the new culture by all employees.